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Friday, July 20, 2007

Great Expectations

When I first started a blog, I thougt I would compartmentalize each of my hobby and create a blog for each. So in less than a week, I've ended up creating 3 blogs. They are:
1) A Toast to Parenthood
2) Healthy yet Yummy Food
3) Easy Crafts

Only 1 solution! I've decided to create this blog so that I can give my ten cents worth on Any other views, likes & dislikes, tips, interest, hobbies etc, that I may develope.

For today I like to share about Gift Ideas.

Gift Baskets - are traditionally given for the birth of a child. I personaly prefer to buy individual baby products and make up the basket rather than buying commercially available ones. It's much cheaper and you can get creative using a particular theme or colour coordination etc,.

Hampers - like the Gift basket can be created on your own. Giving an hamper is an excellent idea for festive seasons.

Gift Vouchers - are hassle free and with the wide variety available, selection can be made with the recepient's interests in mind. My sister gave book vouchers as presents for the birthday of my 2 school going kids. Although they were not too happy about it, I was ecstastic - Got them loads of assesment books!

Now for the Heart of the matter - What should I get for my nephew who's turning 21 in December? He's the shy and reserved type. The only thing I know about him is that he likes Football and his favourite team is Man U. I've thought about getting him a Man U Jersey (Just afraid that he may already have some of his own). ANY SUGGESTIONS?

P.S. I came across an article Tittled "Make Your Own Professional Gift Baskets" by Donna Hamer which I hope will be helpful to some.

Make Your Own Professional Gift Baskets

Ever given your family or friends a beautiful gift basket? Gift baskets are such a wonderful gift and can be given for any occasion. However, if you are like me you don't have a clue where to start, let alone how to put one together?.. and the thought of creating a gift basket is the last thing on your mind? Then read on?.

Let me tell you how easy it is to make an amazingly beautiful gift basket like a professional. Even you won't believe you've made it!
To begin lets start with your "basket". When you hear gift basket the first thing that pops into your mind is a typical wicker basket. Well things have changed; you can use anything as your "gift basket". Once you decide who you are creating this gift basket for then decide on the type of basket which would be appropriate for that person. For instance if it is a teenager try a makeup bag or a plastic bucket for a gardener or a beach bucket for a child, try a laundry basket, a small plastic container or even a pretty purse, depending on the occasion and who it's for (you are only limited by your imagination for the type of "basket" you choose).

Next, find your fillers. The fillers don't have to be expensive but ensure that they match the type of gift basket you are creating. Make sure that what you buy will fit inside your basket. The secret to the presentation of your gift baskets are to make sure it looks like it is overflowing. The type of fillers you use will depend upon the theme of your basket and again, who you are creating it for.

Now for the fun part ? decorating! Start arranging your items into the basket. Make sure to put the bigger, taller or larger items to the back and the smaller items in the front. You can use shredded paper or any other "stuffing" to prop things up or fill in the holes if you need to. I like to cover the basket in cellophane and then type of personalized card.
Finished ??. how easy was that!

For more gift basket ideas or how to make gift baskets, visit us at www.101giftbasketideas.com.
About the Author: Donna Hamer is the author and publisher of eBook "101 Gift Basket Ideas".

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