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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ponderings of a consumer - How to attract customers and keep them too.

Have you noticed that certain product and services stand out from their competitors because of an Extra something. It could be the price, how its packed, whether free delivery is offered etc. Here are some of my views of how companies attract customers and get them to remain loyal to them.

How Price Place A Part.
I generally give each of my 3 school going kids a packet of chocolate/strawberry milk per day when they go to school. This worked out to 60 packets or 10 sets of 6 packs. Thus a price difference of even 20 cents adds up, let alone 60 cents to 80 cents difference in price that I've noticed between the different brands. For good economics, my vote goes to the cheapest!

Useful Free Gifts
My mother collected dozens of serviceable brown plates when she bought coffee packets while mum-in-law collected mugs, also through coffee. I believe that most housewives would buy a product if practical household products are given away.

Packaging Of The Product
We use lots of honey at home, as my hubby bring a water bottle full of honey and apple cider vinegar mixture to work everyday. I prefer to buy honey in a 1 kg bucket instead of bottle. These buckets are very useful as containers, for storing of my marinated meat, fish etc in the freezer as well as liquids like ginger and garlic paste, ground chili paste etc. Recently, when I celebrated my youngest daughter's first birthday, these containers came in very handy to give away to my friends and relatives cakes and other food stuff to bring back with them.

The Availability Of Lager Volume/Bigger Size
My sister prefers to buy a particular brand of oil which comes in a 5 kg bottle during festive seasons, weddings and other occasions where she will be using lots of oil for frying, for instance, frying muruku etc.

Free Delivery
My friend buys her provision from a particular store as they provide free delivery for orders above $50.

24/7 Operations
Operating for 24 hours, 7 days a week, means availability and convenience for the consumer. Once the fast food giant "MacDonalds" started operating 24/7, its able to cater to night shift workers thus generating more sales.

Catchy Phrased Advertising
From young I've grown up to "Fast to cook, Good to eat" jingle of "Maggie" noodles. So whenever, I go shopping for instant noodles I grab a "Maggie" packet. As far as I'm concerned, instant noodle = "Maggie". ( I guess this is subconscious programming through advertising jingles or product promotion.) I've noticed many people saying "Pampers" when they mean diapers. (me included)

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