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Monday, September 10, 2007

The helping hand

Its very easy to be selfish and self-centered and then put the blame on work load, lack of time etc. How often have we offered to help our neighbours, let alone strangers in need?

Well, recently I received help from a stranger that has "knocked some perspective" into me.

Rainy days may mean different thing to each of us. But ask any mom with children going to school and they'll remember raincoat and how to manage a safe journey to and from school.

The other day, while I was about to bring my son to school, it started to drizzle. So I got a raincoat for him, placed a raincoat on top of the pram to protect my baby daughter and an umbrella for myself.

Fortunately, I could go through covered walkways and blocks for about half way to the school. While I was still in the covered walkway, it started to pour so much so that I could barely see through the rain. (I was about 100 meters from the school and usually I would be able to see it). I was just thinking "What am I going to do?" When suddenly, an old woman came into the walkway from the rain. She came to me and offered to take care of my baby in the pram while I brought my son to school. She spoke to me in Chinese which I don't really understand. But I could understand her offer through her gesture. I told her thanks and rushed my son to school and back to her. The kind old lady was talking to my baby to keep her entertained while I was gone. I told her my heart felt thanks and she continued to go back to her home.

Another kind soul that touched my heart was a Malay Taxi driver in May 1996. Yes, I may not remember his name or face, but I'll always remember his help.

I was about to deliver my second child on that day. I had flagged a taxi and had asked the driver to rush me to a neighbouring hospital. Within about the 20 minutes of the journey, my labour pains had intensified very much.

Upon reaching the hospital, the driver insisted that I keep put while he rushed to get the nurses and a wheel chair for me. I was rushed to A&E and gave birth within the next 10 minutes.

It was a long while later when I realised that the kind gentleman who had helped me had not even insisted on getting his fare. I had no way of contacting him, but he will always have my sincere thanks.

May God bless the kind old lady who helped me, the helpful taxi driver and all those who help others without thinking or needing reward.

I may not be able to do much to help others, but I have resolved to at least make some cards and spread some cheer into the lives of my friends and relatives.

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