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Monday, September 24, 2007

Humourous Ponderings - laughter the best medicine!

• These I have never understood:
o We chop down trees but chop up wood;
o We draw down wrath, we draw up wills,
o We run down foes, we run up bills;
o We eat food up, we down a drink,
o Which is a little strange, I think.
o We turn down offers, turn up noses--
o Just one last thought and then this closes:
o We should remember, we poor clowns,
o That life is full of ups and downs.

•Two robins are lying on their backs, soaking up some sun.
A Mama cat and her kitten come walking by.
The kitten complains, "Mama, I'm sooo hungry, what can we eat?"
The Mama cat, spying the 2 birds replies, "How about some baskin' robins?"

What's the difference between a railway guard and a teacher?
One minds the train, the other trains the mind.

Why wouldn't the skeleton go to school?
Because his heart wasn't in it.

Teachers nowadays specialize so much that they know more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing!

Why did the flea fail his exams?
He wasn't up to scratch.

Do you know that if you laid all the economics teachers in the world end to end you'd still not come to a definite conclusion?

Why do stupid people eat biscuits?
Because they're crackers.

Why did the robot act stupid?
Becaude he had a screw loose.

What is the most popular sentence at school?
I don't know.

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