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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jobs and their fringe Benefits

Here's an humorous view on how some occupations come with fringe benefits!

1. Life Guard - Paid to ogle at skimpily clad women

2. Security Guard - Paid to ogle at well dressed women
(at town offices)

3. Doorman - Paid to ogle at richly dressed women
(at first class Hotels)

4. Fashion Models - Paid to be skimpily dressed

5. Photographers - Paid to "shoot" skimpily dressed women
(of fashion models)

6. Fashion dress designers - Paid to get women to wear skimpy

7. Model hair stylist - Paid to work on the hair of skimpily
dressed women

8. Lawyers - Paid to lie

9. Politicians - Paid to lie profusely

10. President - Paid to live a lie

11. Cartoonist - Paid to make fun of others

12. News reporters - Paid to report the tragedy in others life

13. Clowns - Paid to make a fool of themselves

14. Magicians - Paid to make things disappear

15. Authors - Paid to have his ideas read

16. Singers - Paid to have his voice heard

17. Insurance agents - Paid to extol "Murphy's law"

18. Bankers - Paid to keep your money

19. Brokers - Paid to play with your money

20. Housewives - Underpaid and overworked! - So All Housewives -
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