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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What sells and why - enticing people to buy

When do people buy or rather what kinds of advertisement entice people to buy?

Free Gifts is one word that attracts lots of people - me included. Most mums know that when they bring along their kids for grocery shopping, they'll end up with dealing with a tantrum where the child wants the cereal for the toy free gift even though the mum explains there's more than enough cereal back home! Many a time I've been enticed to buy a product because of the free gift that I would receive when I buy the product.

I know that most men would be attracted to the word "Fast" - like fast results, fast delivery etc. Nowadays, we value our time just as much as our money.

I would be more willing to buy or use a service if there were a "Money Back Guarantee" where if I'm not satisfied I'll get my money back hassle free.

Most of us are enticed to buy (sometimes they are not even needed or useful to us) when we see that the product is offered for a "Limited" time only or limited stock only. I remember that there were long queues when MacDonalds offered "Hello Kitty" dolls as there were limited stocks only. People want to own things that are exclusive or rare and thus they are easily enticed to buy!

We all know that word of mouth "Testimonials" works. I would be willing to try out a new restaurant or buy from a boutique etc, based on the favourable comments from my friends and relatives. Great service and excellent products always sells!

The magic words "Discount / Sale" will surely have an impact on the public. Especially if it is not just a sales gimmick but a genuine sales. Once when we went to shop for some jeans for my husband, we came across a shop having a sale - On the front, the sign stated "Closing down sale" and at the back "Opening sales" - that's sales gimmick for you! Of course, this is not the case when it comes to "Big" stores like Walmart, Watsons etc. People will always want to find bargains in the form of rebates, percentage offers or get one free etc.

Being New in itself sells. Especially when it comes to technological items such as PC, laptops, PDAs, Mobile phones etc. Most men (and some women) want new products or services that will improve their life like new information, taste technology, results etc.

Most of us want to look better. Thus products that helps to loose weight, tone up our body, make us look slimer or fairer and improve our looks etc will grab our attention.

Ever heard of Fountain of youth? Well nowadays, there are loads of over the counter medicine and vitamins that promises us long and healthier lives.

MOtivation Sells - people like to feel good about themselves thats why there are so many self-help gurus mushrooming everywhere with thousand and one E-books on how to improve your life etc.

OSIM may be expensive but look at their sales turnover and you'll understand that people want to relieve aches and pains and get comfortable. Thus ultimately products that can help a person get comfortable sells. ( Five star Mattresses, Jacuzzis, spa treatments etc)

Tours sell - whether it is to a neighbouring theme park or an all out exoctic trip to an topical island, people will spend money to relax and have a time of their life before going back to their boring old jobs...

Hope you liked my insight of what sells. Please feel free to comment and add your own ten cents worth of opinion!

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posted by Bubbles at 11:49 AM


That is why we are similar to cats, I think. We like comfortable life first of all. Nothing to do and maximum of benefits. And feel ourselves young, beautiful and clever...

September 25, 2007 at 5:01 PM  

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