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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Prespective of an Outcast

Yesterday, I watched a short movie about a boy who had crossed eyes. His name was Shanker. Although there were many students around him, he was always alone. His only companion was a seed or fruit form an almond tree.

This Best Friend was always true to him and always beside him; never judgemental or poking fun at his odd appearance, gesture or his gait of walking.

As young children who have not learned to mask ones emotion or dislikes, his classmates and schoolmates readily showed their repulse of him.

Kids who are different learn to cope with their environment by isolating themselves. Likewise with Shanker. He lived in his own lonely world with his Best Friend.

All those times when his schoolmates teased him and poked fun at him, he simply ignored them and refused to acknowledge the hurt their actions caused him.

One day, during lesson, Shanker was happily playing with his Best Friend by flicking the seed from one hand to the other. At one time, the seed slipped and fell off his table. This caused distraction to one of his classmates, Edwin, who was then reprimanded by his teacher.

Until then, Shanker had been ignored; no one liked him but no one disliked him either. But because of this incident, Edwin held a grudge against Shanker

What fueled the enmity?
Due to the Principal's persuasion, Shanker took part in one of the school sports competition. It was the Sack Race. Then too, his class mates laughed at him. Shanker didn't want to embarrass himself and his Best Friend, thus he jumped and jumped to victory. Edwin, who was also in the race got second place. Edwin couldn't understand how this outcast could win him and be better than him in any way.

The small grudge had escalated into enmity and he wanted to hurt Shanker. He knew that depriving Shanker of his Best Friend would hurt him most and proceeded to do so.

Shanker searched high and low for his Best Friend. He couldn't concentrate on his studies. His loss was so profuse that he was fanatic in his search. Alas, it was no use. He couldn't find his one True friend and he cried his heart out.

Edwin witnessed his suffering and realised the extend to which he had in evidently hurt Shanker. He did not apologise, but merely called "Shanker" and took out the seed from his pocket.

When Shanker saw that Edwin held his Best Friend in his hands, he felt that his Best Friend has been defiled. What Edwin had done was beyond pardon. He got into a brawl with Edwin. During the ensuing fight, the seed fell off the roof into a running drain.

Shanker yelled at his friend to stop. but his Best Friend didn't listen to him. He went further and further away from him and at last fell into a stream near the school.

"Does my Best Friend prefer Edwin to me, is that why he has left me or Is he angry with me for not protecting him from being kidnapped by Edwin". There were many confusing thoughts running in Shanker's mind. (Many a time, we as parents, do not realise the importance our children place upon their "Best Friend" like the favorite Teddy Bear, car or aeroplane etc. that our child always plays with .We may casually throw it away once it is old or damaged, not realising how deeply they would be affected by such an act.)

Shanker could not be consoled but even tried to jump into the stream. Edwin managed to pull him back then kept patting him to try and console him.

The enemy is now his Best Friend. But this new Best Friend did not remain with him either. Just like his first Best Friend, Edwin too left. How, you ask? Edwin died!

The movie was very touching and was able to convey the feelings of the child who was an outcast so beautifully. I'm afraid I've not done justice to the story. As they say "A picture says a thousand words".

I hope you enjoyed reading about Shanker and realise that being different doesn't mean that one should be ignored but should be cared for and shown consideration just like any other person.

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posted by Bubbles at 7:40 AM


That definitely sounds like a truly wonderful movie. I have not heard of it before. Where did you see it?

October 9, 2007 at 10:57 PM  

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