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Friday, November 2, 2007

Customer Service - Going the Extra Mile (NOT)

The other day, I read a joke about the customer of a bank who was frustrated by the red tape and inflexibility of the bank and the counter measures he proposed to get even.

I personally believe that the Banking Industry is one that has too many red tape and thus its staff are inflexible. When a customer request for forms to be emailed or posted to them - the standard reply is - Please download the forms from our website.

Its more convenient to fill up a form when it is in front of you instead of needing to go to their site, looking for the necessary form, then downloading it, etc. One is automatically put off by the need to do extra actions. In this sense, the banks are loosing out on potential customers.

No matter how busy the staff is, the customer should be dealt with quickly. At least, email or phone to inform him how long it will take him to respond to the customer's queries.

I hate having to chase someone to do their job. Incompetency will always be remembered.(NOT FAVOURABLY) - We had bought a foreign property for investment purposes. The officer in charge of arranging the loan for us was always full of excuses. (We definitely will not go back to this agency should we decide to buy more properties.)

How would you like to end up paying fines because of the inefficiencies of a property management officer. At long last, we managed to finalise the loan. Only to find that we had many bills to be paid to the foreign government agencies. After a lot of dawdling and incurring fines (for us), the bills were paid up.

After 6 months, the cycle started again. More bills to pay!
Since we're overseas, we expected the property management officer to handle it for us. After all, they did deduct management fees from the rental every month.

Once I received another bill in mid September, I emailed and called the property management officer instructing her to pay on our behalf before the 30th of September.(Which was the due date)

After calling them numerous times (O Boy is my long distance phone bill going to escalate for October!), I was told on Tuesday October 9, that as my funds from my rental have already been banked in, they will only be able to pay my bill next month.

Enough is enough, I screamed my head off (NO more Nice Girl) and at last got a confirmation on the payment of the bill on October 19.

What I can't understand is that the request was such a simple one - Pay my bill - use my money - So why was there such a big hassle.

I'm not saying everyone is incompetent or inefficient, but when it comes to customer service - lets not talk about the extra mile, at least to your duty PLEASE!

p.s.I've learned a lesson, I'm paying my own bills from now on.(Thank God for Internet Banking)
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very frustrating, I know ...;)

December 13, 2007 at 9:07 AM  

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