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Friday, November 9, 2007

Fashionable Fridays - The Saree, an exqusite piece of Artwork

Its been quite a while since I last put in a post for this blog. Have been busy with the Deepavalli visiting (my friends) and shopping (Indian Sweetmeats and Lovely Sarees and Punjabi suits).

I have thought of starting a weekly post on Fashion on Fridays. Not surprising my first blog is about SAREES.

I'm being biased as I am an Indian, but I believe that the saree is one piece of clothing that makes a women look sexy (of course, if you have the figure of Aishwaria Rai, it will be even better.)

Saree - its something that you can wear that's evergreen. There are so many varieties available to suit the different ocassion, from formal to casual. For those who feel, Hey, What am I gonna do with this 6 yards of materials (Scratch head). Now, there's 3 piece available. So you get a blouse, a long skirt with the pleats in the right place and a long scarf to drape it on to look like you're wearing Saree. (See there's a cheat code available - not only for PC games anymore)

Every year, new designs are available. Lots of them are based on what the screen heroine of the latest Bollywood or Tamil film etc wear during shooting. A few years back, when the film "Autograph" was screened, the latest Saree for that year was one with the Tamil alphabets printed on the Saree (Just like what was worn by the heroine during the famous song scene in Kerala).

About Sarees
The saree is an extremely versatile garment. It simply consists of a single, rectangular piece of material, five to six yards in length, accommodating any size. The style, color, and texture of this material vary according to region and caste. Different draping styles convey the status, age, occupation, region, and/or religion of the wearer.

Buying a Saree :
Women on heavier side should buy sarees in Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon. Heavy Mysore Silk saree looks beautiful and one tends to look slimmer.
Shorter women should buy sarees with small borders or no borders. They should definitely avoid big borders as big borders make one look shorter.
Thin woman should buy Organza, Cotton, Tissue and Tussar Saree. These Sarees gives a fuller effect.
In printed Saree, avoid big prints, as it gives a gaudy and a huge look.
Delicate print on a Saree, gives a delicate look. Dark skin color women should generally buy dark colours like maroon, green, dark pink etc.

Draping a Saree :
In office Pinup your Saree, this looks smart and is manageable too.
For an outing or a function, just pinup the tip of the saree and let the rest fall on your hand. This gives a very graceful look. But of course the Saree should have a good fall.
Cotton, Tissue or any starched Saree should be ironed properly and at the time of draping, the pleats should be done with your hands pressing and shaping it properly.
Put the pin on the back shoulder as this keeps the saree intact and does not show the pin too.
Don't wear a very flared petticoat inside.

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