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Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Impresssions

The other day, while waiting for my doctors appointment, I read a magazine for Teens. Though I'm no longer a teen, (But I'm always young at heart), my eldest son is 13 and his younger sister is 11. I thought I should prepare myself to the inevitable changes that will occur as my kids go through the teenage phrase.

I came accross an article on Making a Great First Impression. What's great about this article is that the advice is relevant to everyone not necessarily limited to teenagers. The article from 'Seventeen' mentions 10 points. the other points that I list below are my own. Do you have any other suggestions or tips about making great first immpressions. Do feel free to add to comments so that I can add a link to your site.

1. Be Early - Arrive 10 minutes ahead of time for job interviews. It will show the boss you take this oppotunity seriously. (Do plan ahead and give yourself extra time for unexpected traffic jams etc, especially if the destination is new to you.)

2. Record clearly - Have a simple outgoing voice-mail message. You don't know when a college rep or employer will call! (Avoid having heavy music or rap music for your mobile phone on hold or message as these types of music would be appriciated by your friends but not necessarily by others.)

3. Shake hands - Firmly grasp hands, make eye contact, and smile. This will tell new people you're confident and friendly.

4. Think before you order - On a first date a pricey meal looks greedy; a measly one makes him feel cheap. Go midprice instead. (I feel that this is a great suggestion!)

5. Press "Silent" - When your're with new people and you don't take a million calls, they'll know they are your priority. ( Do remember to turn to silent when you're at the theatre or Lecture hall or other public places where the shrill of your phone will cause others inconvinence)

6. Be self - sufficient - Keep pens, tissues, and cash on hand. Borrowing from people you barely know makes you look irresponsible.

7. Mingle - Walk around at parties. If you stick to one group, it will seem like you don't want to meet new people.

8. Stay Upbeat - Talk about fun stuff, like movies or friends, when you first meet someone. It shows you're fun to be with.

9. Give compliments - Comment on people's clothes or jewelry, but never ask how much they paid for them - that's intrusive.

10. Do dishes - After eating at a new friend's house, offer to clean up - her family will know that you're appreciative.

11. Dress appropriately - Dress smartly by knowing what to where for the occasion. For eg. Don't turn up with T-shirt and shorts when it is a formal party.

12 Be informed - learn about the other person's or organization's culture. When you take the time and effort to learn about others it will be greatly appriciated.( There's also less chance of making a mess or slip up in front of your new friend.)

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posted by Bubbles at 7:05 PM


Hi - thanks for the visit and comment :)
I enjoyed your blogs! How do you manage to keep up so many of them? I thought about making a couple of blogs myself but got scared off :)
Hey, cool design on this one - with the tail and the tree - I didn't know blogspot allows for this kind of nifty stuff.
BTW - that writing page is awesome, keep up your writing!

November 27, 2007 at 5:02 PM  

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