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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I Blog


So that I can bring home truck loads of MONEY, of course. My husband introduced me to blogging. Rather he said "Lots of my friends make money from websites and blogs. So don't just sit at home and idle away, go on and blog so that I can retire earlier". New twist to the old quote - Behind every successful woman is a guy shoving her forward!

So that I can make friends.

As a homemaker, the potential to make new friends is zero, well, its not exactly zero, I did make some friends through the Parent Support Group that I joined. Basically we meet about once a month for about 2 hours for 9 months in a year. Through blogging I learned about many social networks like Yuwie, Blogcatalog etc, As a result, I can make new friends and chat, exchange ideas etc. whenever I can grab some free time.

So that I can rant and rave

I could probably rant and rave and scream my head off when I get frustrated and want to blow off steam! But I live in a flat with lots of neighbours nearby and I wouldn't want to be deemed as "nut case" and sent to a mental hospital. So I blog, rant, rave and scream silently so that my fans and friends read and sympathise with me. Added bonus is when I get encouraging comments from my friends. No, I don't need expensive gifts just kind "words"!

Say no to science

So that whenever my kids keep asking me science questions which I haven't the faintest clue about, I can answer, " I'm working, Don't disturb me now!" When I was my kid's age, about eleven, I learned about the shape of trees (that's about all I can remember now). But nowadays, kids have to answer questions like "State the differences between veins, capillaries and arteries." Thank God for the Net, Wikipedia and the likes!

Become a Geek

So that I can keep abreast of the latest technology and news. All the while, I had thought that "Avatar" was a cute cartoon that my kids love to watch. Well, now I know that an icon used in a multi -user site is also known as an Avatar.

To get my High

Now I blog because I'm addicted to it. I don't smoke pot, drink beers or any other alcohol for that matter, yet I have become intoxicated. I can get high only through blogging.

Should I seek help? Am I beyond help? Do I have to go "Cold Turkey"?

Wah,Wah,Wah.... Don't STOP me, I MUST BLOG!!!!

Join Yuwie

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Contests by fellow Bloggers

It is the season to give and it seems lots people are in the mood to give. (With an ulterior motive of course, that is, to get more views to their blog!).

I've come across lots of contests from the start of this month (December). The first contest I noticed is the one by How2Blogger.
He is giving away $100 to a lucky winner. All you have to do is write a blog based on "How to" to get 10 entries to the draw. For more details CLICK HERE.

Next is a contest where you can earn $25 as well as en E-book. General Marketing blog is running this contest. All you have to do is to post a comment about the competition to enter. CLICK HERE for more details.

Many of the other blogger are giving away EntreCard Credits (EC). (For those of you who have never heard of EntreCard, here is the condensed version of what its all about.)
It's your internet business card. It's a way for you to advertise your blog on other members sites for free by using a digital business card. Advertising is bought using credits which you have to earn. They can be earned by visiting other members sites and "sending them" your digital business card. You also earn credits when people visit your site and send you their business card. CLICK HERE to find out more about Entrecards

One Superb Contest is by The Big Bald Blog where all you have to do is subscribe to his RSS feed via email and write a blog about his contest. The Yummy goodies that one lucky winner is bound to get includes
1. An 8 Gig iPod Touch

2. 500 Entrecard Credits

3. A total blog review from Mike over at Bloggin-Ads

4. Some cool Big Pappa Worldwide gear. You'll get shirts, shorts,stickers and if you are female we even have some "boy shorts", ringer shirts, tanks and thongs that we can throw in on the deal. Guys, we will throw in an extra "Road Trip Rules for Guys" shirt.

Are you Game for 1000 EC Credits? This contest is run by the coolest girlie geek from Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind. All you have to do is write a post linking to her contest post and stating the reason of why you need the credits. As for me, I'm always hungry for goodies be they $$$$ or EC Credits! 1000 credits would be a great Christmas Gift. For once, there's a contest where there can be more than one winner, first to fourth place winners will get credit as follows:
First Place will win 1000 EntreCard Credits.
Second Place will win 500 EntreCard Credits.
Third Place will win 300 EntreCard Credits.
Fourth Place will win 200 EntreCard Credits.

Another contest where you can win 1000 EC credits as well as $250, (Wow! More and more yummy goodies!) is run by Saphyrm.com.
What do you do to get a chance to win these yummy goodies?
Basically, Pick a post (besides the one about the contest) from Saphrym.com and blog about it and then link back.
I have to read up on the other post at saphrym.com so that I can post about it and enter into this contest!

A contest with a Twist - You get to choose your prize from the 5 prizes available. All you have to do is write a little post on the prize you would like to win out of the selection prizes. To find out more about the Contest For Bloggers Choose Your Prize CLICK HERE
I would really love to get the IPhone which is prize no. 5. (I'm sure it's the prize that almost every one would wish for.) The other prizes include 1. Sweet grabing game machine( Don't quite know what's its called) 2. A puzzle game 3. A sudoku toilet roll 4. A scary hand.

Now for a Really complicated competition - Blog Comments Competition by CK Marketing.
You have to leave a comment in 10 blogs (outside of your blog subject) to earn 40 EC per blog, that is a total of 400 EC credits.
I'm sorry to inform you that the contest ends on 24th Dec.

An easy way for a chance to win 200 EC credits, is the contest by My Broken Shell.
There are several ways to get entries into the contest.

-Talk about the contest on your blog with a link back(4 entries)

-Subscribe to their feed through email(3 entries)

-Link on your blog roll(2 entries)

-Comment on their post(1 entry)

For more details CLICK HERE.

The simplest contest so far, drop your card every day until the 28th of December for a chance to win 100 EC credits. 7 lucky winner will be annouced by Xavier Media Blog on 28th December.

The best contest that I have come across so far, is the 500 Entrecard Credits Weekly Giveaway by belolets.com where the winner also gets link love

All you have to do is create an entry on your blog about this really cool promo and include the following 2 linked keywords:

500 credits weekly
link love

What is great about this contest is that there are 500 EC credits out for grabs every week and you only have to blog about this contest once but you will be included on the names of the blogs that will be drawn for the succeeding weeks.

On the other end of the spectrum, you get to earn 4 EC credits for every comment (relevant ones not for the just "nice post" kinds) about the post in TechSnack.net

For those of you who are busy looking for EntreCard Widget on my sidebar, please check my other blogs, Healthy Yet Yummy Food and Idiocrasies Of The English Language - That are fun and funny
I have 5 blogs, so for now I am concentrating on these two blogs.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hello everyone - greetings from around the world

Do you know how many languages are there in the world? Well, I searched under "Yahoo Answers" and the answer is 6800. O boy, that's really a lot of languages. However, I don't think there's really an authority to say for definite how many languages there are. (How about all those ancient languages, the list is never ending)

One might not know too many languages, but I'm sure we know of some simple words such as greetings in other languages especially in languages that are popular. Well, here is the list of the greetings that I know of

Hi / Hello - English

Vanakam - Tamil

Nî hâo - Mandrin

Appa Kabar - Malay

(P.S. These are the official languages in Singapore, so almost everyone here knows at least how to greet each other in this 4 main languages.)

The list continues....

Namaste - Hindi

Salut / Bonjour - French

Ciao / Salve - Italian

Hola - Spanish

Sawatdi - Thailand

Namaskaram - Malayalam (Kerala India)

Selamat - Javanese (Indonesia)

Aloha - Hawaiian

Salaam - Arabic

Chào - Vietnamese

Namaskaara - Kannada (India)

Ho bo - Hokkien (Singapore, Indonesia)

For those of you who want to check up other common words like please, goodbye etc in European language check out this site : http://www.geocities.com/mailjohan/

These are just some of the common (Well known) greetings that I know of.

As for me, how I greet someone depends on who I meet.

My relatives - Assalamu Alaikum ( This is how muslims greet each other by invoking the Blessings of God upon each other)

Friends - Hello / Hi

Tamil friends (and especially when I meet my children's Tamil teacher) - Vanakam

Close friends / or friends with whom I have not met up with for quite a while - long time no see (This is Singlish La)

English, being an international languages, many of us will great each other with a "Hi" or "Hello". However, there are many nations using English who have their own manner of greetings.

Some of you may have known that Aussies greet each other with a "Good day mate" and cowboys with "Howdy partner". How about Bugs Bunny's "What's up doc"

Most of us have our own slang of greeting others - So what's yours?


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Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to advertise your blog for FREE - IS Free Advertising a Myth?

This article is part of How2Blogger’s Super Sexy Holiday ‘How To’ Contest which you can see at How2Blogger’s ‘How To’ site.

If one should Google Search for "Free Advertising" , he'll get more than 317 000 000 search results.

We all know that most of these are just hype, scams out there to get our e-mail address and spam us, kinds of sites.

So what do you do if you wish to advertise your blog without taking any money out of your pocket?


Well, here are some ways that I advertise for free. The results are varied and since I don't have any tracking mechanism I can't assure anyone of how much traffic I get from each "Method".

Feel free to give your insight and share your views on how you have been able to advertise for free.


For those who own a brick and motar shop or those who are proffessional know how important it is to "Spread" your namecards to family, friends and acquaintances (Even strangers). You never know when someone is looking for an accountant and come accross your name in their pile of cards:)

How about us souls who own a blog or site, how do we introduce our business or blogs to others?

Well, I use Entrecards - Its of course FREE. Its also very simple to use. It's a way for you to advertise your blog on other members sites for free by using a digital business card. Advertising is bought using credits which you have to earn. They can be earned by visiting other members sites and "sending them" your digital business card. You also earn credits when people visit your site and send you their business card. CLICK HERE to find out more about Entrecards

2. Forum = Blogcatalog

When you take part in a Forum and discuss a subject that interest you, - there's sure to be at least a trickle of new traffic to your site.

But what's different with BlogCatalog is that its a directory for blogs yet it has options for discussions

So How do you advertise in BlogCatalog - Whenever you view others' blog, you appear in their profile page under "Recent Viewers". If you upload a distinctive picture as your image, than that's free advertising for your blog. Whenever someone check's out the profile of (let's say) Crystrad and the last 10 persons to have viewed this blog would be shown. So the more effort you put in and the more blogs you check out means your image will be shown in all their "Recent VIewers'. So to find out more CLICK HERE.

3. Social Network = Yuwie

Many of you may have heard of Yuwie. Its a place for you to blog and make friends, discuss in forums etc. How do I advertise through Yuwie, I have blogs in the yuwie and introduce my other blogs in there. For eg. I have a blog dealing with English, humour etc, So I start a blog about jokes, post some jokes and them introduce the abovementioned blog. Likewise I've joined clubs that deal with jokes and humour so that I can introduce my blogs to other audience who share similar interest as me.
For those who have not heard about Yuwie, do check it out.
CLICK HERE to find out more.

4. Advertising Tool = TrafficSwarm

TrafficSwarm is a fully-automated traffic-generation
system. I've put TrafficSwarm as the start page in my PC. Everytime someone in my family uses the internet (Which is a minimum of 10 times in a day), I get credit. This credit is used to display my TextAds in their site. Fortunately for me, even when I don't get to use the PC, my kids do the job for me.
The other way to earn credit with TrafficSwarm are
a) To Surf for credit
b) To have a Search Box on your site
c) To have a Link Box on your site

To find out more about TrafficSwarm CLICK HERE.
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