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Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to advertise your blog for FREE - IS Free Advertising a Myth?

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If one should Google Search for "Free Advertising" , he'll get more than 317 000 000 search results.

We all know that most of these are just hype, scams out there to get our e-mail address and spam us, kinds of sites.

So what do you do if you wish to advertise your blog without taking any money out of your pocket?


Well, here are some ways that I advertise for free. The results are varied and since I don't have any tracking mechanism I can't assure anyone of how much traffic I get from each "Method".

Feel free to give your insight and share your views on how you have been able to advertise for free.


For those who own a brick and motar shop or those who are proffessional know how important it is to "Spread" your namecards to family, friends and acquaintances (Even strangers). You never know when someone is looking for an accountant and come accross your name in their pile of cards:)

How about us souls who own a blog or site, how do we introduce our business or blogs to others?

Well, I use Entrecards - Its of course FREE. Its also very simple to use. It's a way for you to advertise your blog on other members sites for free by using a digital business card. Advertising is bought using credits which you have to earn. They can be earned by visiting other members sites and "sending them" your digital business card. You also earn credits when people visit your site and send you their business card. CLICK HERE to find out more about Entrecards

2. Forum = Blogcatalog

When you take part in a Forum and discuss a subject that interest you, - there's sure to be at least a trickle of new traffic to your site.

But what's different with BlogCatalog is that its a directory for blogs yet it has options for discussions

So How do you advertise in BlogCatalog - Whenever you view others' blog, you appear in their profile page under "Recent Viewers". If you upload a distinctive picture as your image, than that's free advertising for your blog. Whenever someone check's out the profile of (let's say) Crystrad and the last 10 persons to have viewed this blog would be shown. So the more effort you put in and the more blogs you check out means your image will be shown in all their "Recent VIewers'. So to find out more CLICK HERE.

3. Social Network = Yuwie

Many of you may have heard of Yuwie. Its a place for you to blog and make friends, discuss in forums etc. How do I advertise through Yuwie, I have blogs in the yuwie and introduce my other blogs in there. For eg. I have a blog dealing with English, humour etc, So I start a blog about jokes, post some jokes and them introduce the abovementioned blog. Likewise I've joined clubs that deal with jokes and humour so that I can introduce my blogs to other audience who share similar interest as me.
For those who have not heard about Yuwie, do check it out.
CLICK HERE to find out more.

4. Advertising Tool = TrafficSwarm

TrafficSwarm is a fully-automated traffic-generation
system. I've put TrafficSwarm as the start page in my PC. Everytime someone in my family uses the internet (Which is a minimum of 10 times in a day), I get credit. This credit is used to display my TextAds in their site. Fortunately for me, even when I don't get to use the PC, my kids do the job for me.
The other way to earn credit with TrafficSwarm are
a) To Surf for credit
b) To have a Search Box on your site
c) To have a Link Box on your site

To find out more about TrafficSwarm CLICK HERE.
posted by Bubbles at 3:10 PM


Being new to blogging, I have learned something from this post. And I love your background!

December 10, 2007 at 8:59 AM  

thnax for you wonderfull tips on advertise the blog
really i got to learn something from your post..
good back ground ...

March 14, 2008 at 8:35 PM  

I like your advice but I'm too lazy to advertise my website, is there any way someone can take care of it for me? For example, my friend tattooed his URL on a monkey's back and released it in downtown Chicago. Sure the monkey might have been rabid and may or may not have been carrying the "Rage" virus, but I think any publicity is good publicity

June 28, 2008 at 3:10 AM  

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