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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I Blog


So that I can bring home truck loads of MONEY, of course. My husband introduced me to blogging. Rather he said "Lots of my friends make money from websites and blogs. So don't just sit at home and idle away, go on and blog so that I can retire earlier". New twist to the old quote - Behind every successful woman is a guy shoving her forward!

So that I can make friends.

As a homemaker, the potential to make new friends is zero, well, its not exactly zero, I did make some friends through the Parent Support Group that I joined. Basically we meet about once a month for about 2 hours for 9 months in a year. Through blogging I learned about many social networks like Yuwie, Blogcatalog etc, As a result, I can make new friends and chat, exchange ideas etc. whenever I can grab some free time.

So that I can rant and rave

I could probably rant and rave and scream my head off when I get frustrated and want to blow off steam! But I live in a flat with lots of neighbours nearby and I wouldn't want to be deemed as "nut case" and sent to a mental hospital. So I blog, rant, rave and scream silently so that my fans and friends read and sympathise with me. Added bonus is when I get encouraging comments from my friends. No, I don't need expensive gifts just kind "words"!

Say no to science

So that whenever my kids keep asking me science questions which I haven't the faintest clue about, I can answer, " I'm working, Don't disturb me now!" When I was my kid's age, about eleven, I learned about the shape of trees (that's about all I can remember now). But nowadays, kids have to answer questions like "State the differences between veins, capillaries and arteries." Thank God for the Net, Wikipedia and the likes!

Become a Geek

So that I can keep abreast of the latest technology and news. All the while, I had thought that "Avatar" was a cute cartoon that my kids love to watch. Well, now I know that an icon used in a multi -user site is also known as an Avatar.

To get my High

Now I blog because I'm addicted to it. I don't smoke pot, drink beers or any other alcohol for that matter, yet I have become intoxicated. I can get high only through blogging.

Should I seek help? Am I beyond help? Do I have to go "Cold Turkey"?

Wah,Wah,Wah.... Don't STOP me, I MUST BLOG!!!!

Join Yuwie

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posted by Bubbles at 10:08 PM


I'm addicted to blogging too and chocolate. :D

Happy New Year!

Hugs, JJ

December 31, 2007 at 11:08 PM  

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