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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting Prepared for the Best Buys

Can you imagine buying 40 presents on Christmas eve. Well, it was one of the segments that was featured in the News on Christmas Eve. I kept wondering why someone had to buy 40 gift. Could it be that he was the Form Teacher of a class and his students unexpectedly announced that they were visiting? (Well, that's another story anyway)

For those of you who had just gone through the harrowing experience of buying lots presents within the last few days before Christmas, these tips give you 12 months for you to prepare for the next Christmas!

Make a list
If you had just crossed off all the persons to buy presents from last year's (2007) list, copy it into your 2008 diary, not the pen and paper type, onto your PDA as this will save you unnecessary repetition. If you are not the type to make list, Get into that Habit!

On your list, jot down notes such as what you gave person A last year, what is his hobby, likes , favourite colour, what was his reaction to your gift and any hints that he gave you for his next present etc,.

Look out for Bargains and Sale
If your present is not going to be fashion ware such as clothes or shoes were trends changes within the year, or IT products such as phones , PDA, notebooks etc that are constantly replaced by newer models, then consult your PDA list and look out for gifts whenever there is a bargain or sale.

When Person A or B or C etc, mentioned that she got that loooovely present from Aunt Sue, who happens to be your Arch enemy, and you just have to do better than her, Whatever the Cost, do some Research. Beat her at her own game, get that Lovely Gift at a bargain of course!

Get on the Mailing List
Once you have done your research, sign up with shops that have a mailing list so that you can know in advance of all the sneak preview Sales organised by these shops!

Shop Online
Many online retail sites will pump out special offers and bargain deals especially for their e-shoppers during THE SALE seasons. So, while everyone else in your family and especially Aunt Sue is getting crushed in the packed retail outlets, queueing up in long lines to pay up and getting very tired because they let their feet do the walking, Use your fingers instead and shop online!

Grab a Partner
If you insist on getting your hands dirty and tiring your legs by wanting to be in the midst of the Action, then grab a partner.

You have three choices, your hubby / boyfriend, girl friend/s or teenage daughter (if you have any).

Your husband is a good choice if you intent to buy lots of stuff and need an extra pair of Muscular hands. He can be put in charge of carrying all the packages while you are busy Shopping, shopping and more shopping. If your husband / boyfriend is the type who cringes when the word Shopping is mentioned, then you might have to tempt him with a carrot. Induce him to tag along by stating that his favourite sports and / or IT shop is having a Big discount sale. If you are in luck, they are bound to have a sale too.

Instead of having a Day / night out with your girl friends, go shopping before you go out for a late dinner. There is nothing like honest input from a friend when you select that gorgeous looking but definitely not your type of dress. Don't forget the aim of this shopping trip. Yes, you can have fun and buy yourself some great buys but don't forget that you are shopping for Christmas gifts. So if you friend oohhhs and ahhs over a particular handbag and it is within your budget, get it for her - discretely of course, when she is in the changing room, for example.

Make this shopping trip an excuse for some bonding time with your teen and treat her to hi-tea after you both have shopped till you drop.

Another great thing about these Sales is that there will usually be lots of contest and lucky draws organised by the malls or retail shops during these sales. Make sure you fill out all the forms, please note that husbands are also good at this chore, so pass it to them, of course.

If you should get a real yucky prize in the lucky draw, do wrap it up nicely and give it to Aunt Sue.

Don't forget to have fun while you shop.

Here's to a Wonderfully Prepared Shopping experience!

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