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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blog for Money

In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned that I would like to earn truck loads of money through blogging. Well, I am slowly grudging one step at a time towards this goal.

My latest foray to earn money through blogging is Smorty.com
At Smorty.com, you get paid to write the things you like. You don't have to review a blog or site and advertise about it. Just simply post your opinion about a subject that interests you. It can be about someone's product or service as well as someone's website. It is as simple as that!

Furthermore, you can get paid weekly through Paypal.

Unlike many sponsored review sites, Smorty.com
is very user friendly. The process of registering is very easy. It also allows you to submit multiple blogs so that you can write more opinion about a variety of subjects and hence earn more money.

Here are some of the other Great Features of Smorty.com

* Setting up and maintaining an account with smorty is absolutely FREE.

* For each post you will receive a minimum of US $6 and depending on how high your blog PageRank is, you could earn much more per post.

* Advertisers are given 5 days to review your post and it is than automatically approved if it is not disputed within these 5 days.

* Email notification is sent to you whenever new campaigns are available for your blogs. These emails will describe the task details and deadline for submission so that you can make an informed decision as to whether to post on that particular subject or not.

* Each post written for Smorty.com must be between 150 to 400 words. I find this to be a comfortable number for a post. Not too short nor a lengthy or rambling post is expected of you.

For all my fellow blogger who would like to get paid for blogging, don't wait, register right now with Smorty.com

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