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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kindness pays big dividends.

When I brought along my daughter shopping today, one of the stall owners gave her a candy while another owner smiled at her and called her a "Cutie". As a parent, I appreciate the kind acts by these people and will remember them and would indeed frequent their stalls when I need to buy items sold by them.

Of course, the exact opposite would be the one who frowns at me and is reluctant to do a little extra to please the customer. Every Saturday, we like to buy lunch. We had frequented a particular "Bryani" stall for many months. We prefer to have the rice, the chicken, the salad and the gravy to be packed separately. Otherwise, by the time we return home the food would turn soggy.
Well, one day, the staff in this stall complained loudly to his colleague that this customer, ie, me, was being unreasonable and soooo troublesome. Well, that the last time I bought from that stall.

It's simple and very true - The customer is Always Right. So if you don't want to loose your customer be polite and kind. Furthermore, there are many ways to attract and keep customers by being friendly and kind.

Lance Winslow of www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs mentioned some simple ways to attract and keep customers. Here is his article.

Most small business people do not take advantage of human relationship issues. They do not understand that being nice and friendly, out going and enthusiastic pays high dividends. When you are out and about in public you should always wear a smile, wave, honk and have a positive displacement. Such a public image makes people wish to do business with you, it is a good thing.

When you're driving around town, remember to wave to your regular customers, your corporate customers and even non-customers. Soon you'll notice everyone is waving in your direction, honking their horn and some may follow you to your next stop for service just to get a business card. When you are driving a company vehicle with a magnetic sign on it, you are advertising, if you follow that up with a high-energy attitude you will attract new customers and enhance referrals from your previous golden customers. Sometimes you'll need two hands to wave to everyone and won't be able to shift the standard transmission in your car or truck. Encourage your crews to show the same friendliness and enthusiasm when driving any of your company vehicles.

If you drive by a business where you know a lot of people and customers, announce yourself by honking. Catering trucks do it all the time. Honk and wave when you go by a gas station even if you don't know anyone there, because someone will think your friendliness was directed at them and will wave back. Others will assume you were waving at someone else and that you must have lots of friends around town.

Thumbs Up
Give the thumbs up sign to police and fire vehicles. Give a thumbs up especially to the police. Due to the nature of their job, they believe that no one likes them and the fact is that many people don't. After all, no one likes to get a ticket. A lot of people do like police officers and if you let them know you're on their team and appreciate their efforts to keep crime under control, you create instant good will with the police department. If the police wave back to you at a crowded intersection, this increases the public's recognition of your role as a positive, contributing member of the community and makes people feel safe and happy about your service as well.

Grocery Stores
When you're in a grocery store and you are wearing your company logo on your shirt it helps to smile at people and make positive eye contact. Be friendly at all times, especially in line where you are most able to make personal contact with others. It makes people happy even though you both have to wait in line. Make sure you always carry business cards with you.

Be proactive when you are not a work too and any time you are in public, it is best way to win friends and influence people. It is a good idea and it adds positive vibes for the entire community. Think about it.

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posted by Bubbles at 12:54 AM


I think its a common sense that when you are nice to the customers, they'll return to your store, but its surprising to find a lot of shopkeepers who could hardly put up smiles in their faces.

April 16, 2008 at 8:04 PM  

In Brazil,we are always smiling,even if you don't know a person you say hi and they respond.This is one of the reasons why tourists enjoy visiting here.Happy,open people are welcome in any situation!

April 25, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

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