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Sunday, August 31, 2008

FUN Advice for those who diet

Cook "Lite" - I thought that meant wearing as little as possible while in the kitchen (it does get hot in there). And, yes, be careful not to burn the buns!

Count Calories - I have yet to see any calories to count. I am not even sure what they look like. You have heard of hidden calories, right? It is easier to count the dust particles on my TV screen.

Walk for Exercise - Hey, I walk wherever I go. I do not jog, run, or skip...I WALK.

Stay Active - Duh...Just this week I re-activated my membership to the Dessert of the Month Club.

Avoid Overeating on Holidays - Funny thing, when I go on holiday, so does my ability to ward off temptation. When I look for Willpower, I find a sign saying, "Gone on Vacation." Unlike Willpower, I at least worked for my time off!

Practice Portion Control - I've been practicing....just not perfect yet.

Eat a Balanced Diet - so far I think I've done well on that point. My weight seems to be evenly dispersed and I am not in danger of careening to one side or the other.

Drink in Moderation - WHERE is Moderation? I would go there....

Find a Hobby that doesn't involve Food - I joined a theatre group. They put me in charge of the Dinner Theatre! Then there were those biscuits for the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.... So much for a foodless hobby!

Eat a Variety of Food - No problem! Have you seen the variety of chips lately? I mean, we are talking everything from pickle, cracked pepper, nacho, vinegar, jalapeno, and more! And Jelly Beans....enough variety to have a different one every day for three months!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thank you to my Top 3 Entrecard droppers

To show my appreciation to my top EC droppers, I will showcase the top 3 droppers for 1 week.

The top droppers for this month are:



Smadar's Treasure

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The AdSpace Contest

I can't wait to tell you about The AdSpace Contest I found!

The idea is simple and easy: Get as many entries as you can (very easy to do) over the next 30 days. The more entries you get, the better chance you have of winning! At the end of the 30 days, they announce the winner.

The prize?
A 125x125 pixel ad spot (above the fold) on at least TEN DIFFERENT BLOGS that will run for one month. That's at least a $100 value!

Who is co-hosting?

Geek Mom Mashup
Best of Stupid
The Big Bald Blog
Jason Boom
Unconventional Marketing Blog
Offended Blogger

How do you enter to win?
1 Entry - Subscribe to any one of the blogs above via email.
10 Entries - Write a post about the contest (must include links to all 10 hosts OR use the suggested text)
25 Entries - Offer up an ad spot on your own blog for one month as part of the prize package

Simply put, you could subscribe to all 10 blogs, write a post and offer up your own ad spot for a grand total of 45 entries!

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