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Sunday, August 31, 2008

FUN Advice for those who diet

Cook "Lite" - I thought that meant wearing as little as possible while in the kitchen (it does get hot in there). And, yes, be careful not to burn the buns!

Count Calories - I have yet to see any calories to count. I am not even sure what they look like. You have heard of hidden calories, right? It is easier to count the dust particles on my TV screen.

Walk for Exercise - Hey, I walk wherever I go. I do not jog, run, or skip...I WALK.

Stay Active - Duh...Just this week I re-activated my membership to the Dessert of the Month Club.

Avoid Overeating on Holidays - Funny thing, when I go on holiday, so does my ability to ward off temptation. When I look for Willpower, I find a sign saying, "Gone on Vacation." Unlike Willpower, I at least worked for my time off!

Practice Portion Control - I've been practicing....just not perfect yet.

Eat a Balanced Diet - so far I think I've done well on that point. My weight seems to be evenly dispersed and I am not in danger of careening to one side or the other.

Drink in Moderation - WHERE is Moderation? I would go there....

Find a Hobby that doesn't involve Food - I joined a theatre group. They put me in charge of the Dinner Theatre! Then there were those biscuits for the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.... So much for a foodless hobby!

Eat a Variety of Food - No problem! Have you seen the variety of chips lately? I mean, we are talking everything from pickle, cracked pepper, nacho, vinegar, jalapeno, and more! And Jelly Beans....enough variety to have a different one every day for three months!

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