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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tips for meal planning and grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping
I got these great tips from a magazine. Although I don't follow all of these tips, I'm sure these nuggets and ideas will be useful to my friends.

1. Order Out - Use an online service, which deliver groceries right to your door. This way you can order 24/7, don't have to drive, wait in line, load the car, and so on. In fact, shopping online saves time and money because there is less tendency to buy on impulse. However, most services may charge delivery charges or require you to order to minimum sum before delivery charges are waived. In Singapore such online shopping is not such a norm yet.

2. Text it - As most of us don't leave home without our handy dandy hand phone, it makes sense to enter your grocery list into it for quick reference.
As for myself, I am strictly user of phone only to communicate. My kids are more knowledgeable about my phone and use it to take photos and videos etc while I make a pitiful attempt to send text messages. So I am really a pen and paper kind of person.

3. Time it - Check up your schedule for the coming week, and plan meals based on how much time you have each day. You could also store quick - cooking foods in the freezer for when unexpected chores pop up, or those time when you in evidently burn something while cooking. I find storing such quick meals in the freezer is very helpful when visitor come down unexpectedly.

4. Write it down - As soon as your use up and item, throw away the container - or recycle it- and write it on the erase board posted on your fridge. That way, you will remember to buy it.

5. Go Digital - You could us an online menu planner such as Savingdinner.com. Such sites usually provide weekly grocery list, plus ideas for easy, family friendly menus.
Don't Clip coupons

6. Don't Clip coupons - If you clip coupons, figuring you would save money, its likely you would end up buying items you don't need just because there is Such a saving and you might one day need it. I can tell you such one day may never come and you will end up throwing it away or giving it away. It has happen to me soooo many time that I really DON'T clip coupons anymore.
Try to shop in a particular shop or two where you know there will be offers. I frequent two such stores and buy items from those stores which are cheaper than the other. I especially look out for big ticket items such as milk, diapers etc for my kids and buy a few cans at a time when there is a offer.

7. Do the basic - Set a time limit for grocery shopping and never go without a list. Simple tip but most effective I think.

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