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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Double Take

Its been a while since I last posted. Its already more than 4 months since we moved from Singapore to Adelade. The kids have settled and are extremely happy to have ADSL internet service available so that the can enjoy their online games and communicate with their friends back in Singapore through MSN etc.

Instead of 1 week school holidays, kids have 2 weeks holiday for the first three terms and at the end of the year they get about a month and a half of holidays. As for the Easter weekend, we had a really long weekend. School ended a bit earlier on Thursday and the public holiday streched up to Monday. Our neighbour gave the kids easter eggs and they also got some from friends and teachers in school. Shops started showcasing lovely easter eggs and bunnies etc from the start of March.

I am still learning to drive and will have to keep my learners permit at least up to September ( I hope I would have passed the exam by them). I am very excited to join TAFE for certificate in childcare in July. I believe that is the best job for me. I love to spend time with kids and I love making crafts and I am a happy and bubbly person. Its an irony, but to join this course I have to send my youngest to a child care or day care! After being a home maker for quite a few years I'm a bit nervous yet I keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work out fine.

See the comics below and you'll know there are other who have to be much more nervous than me! Hope you enjoy the comic - Its from www.doubletakecomics.com

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